CMEF | The new trend of Medical & Home care,a more competitive solution in intelligent medical & Home care system.

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The 84th ChinaInternational Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF) opens in Shanghai from May 13thto 16th 2021. Richmat brings a variety of newly developed products,technical methods and intelligent medical & homecare system solutions tothe exhibition, sincerely invites all the elites to visit.

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Innovative products × Power

In this exhibition, Richmatcomprehensively demonstrates three series of control and drive systems,applicable to medical care,nursing care and recovery, covering new products ofcontrollers, linear actuator, handset and nurse panel.

In addition to control and drivesystems,a new series of lifting columns,represented by L1 &L2 are alsoshowed at the exhibition.

L1, a new electric lifting column, hasthe characteristics of large stroke, small installation,stable and quietmove,it can be used with a variety of Richmat handsets,and widely applicable toexisting medical bed frames.

new lifting column

Solution * Business

As the population aging problems in ourcountry continues to intensify and the proportion of the population is becomingmore and more imbalanced, although the elderly care industry has ushered in ahuge market, it’s also facing huge tests and challenges.In this exhibition,Richmat comprehensively launched the overall intelligent medical & homecare solution to help the elderly care industry realize the efficientcombination of medical and home care, release labor costs, reduce the pressureof nursing care workers, and form a more convenient and intelligent commercialelderly care model.

Shiftmachine control and drive system

Taking the combination of A58 motor +C38 with battery control box + handset applied to a shift machine as anexample, the product gets rid of the troubles of wiringharness, extends the working hours, and greatly reduces the workload of themedical staff, making the work of the nurses more easy, convenient, efficientand intelligent.

High added value × guarantee

While working on technical iterationand product innovation, RICHMAT pays more attention to providing customers withmore value-added functions and services.


Establish a terminal service system forcertain user group; provide after-sale service to end users; skip thedealers,provide after-sales service of the control and drive system directly toend users; offer more value-added functions to downstream manufacturers;strengthen after-sales protection and reduce after-sales burden. For moredetails please consult the staff on site.


The exclusive customized communicationprotocol MCS-BUS, used in the control and drive system, can make the signaltransmission and response between the controller and related accessories moresmoothly, ensure the smoothness and reliability of information transmission, soas to further improve product performance and users experience.

High-quality intelligent care productsare derived from high-standard and high-level production capabilities. RICHMAThas a professional and complete medical products production and R&D base, alarge R&D team, highly automated production equipment, and a powerfullaboratory data support and strict quality inspection standards, which ensurethe stability and reliability of the electric actuator products, allowing theperfect combination of innovative technology and intelligent medical care.

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